Tiger Challenges Brooklyn Hyundai

This year, Brooklyn Hyundai will be doing something different to help raise money for 'Stand Up To Cancer'. Watch the video to meet Tiger who will introducing himself and some of the exciting challenges he has in store for Brooklyn & the team...

Added:13 February 2019

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Tiger Challenges Brooklyn Hyundai

Over the coming months, Tiger Cox, an outdoor-adventure enthusiast, will be challenging the team at Brooklyn Hyundai to a series of exhilarating outdoor activities. Tiger himself spends all of his time outside, teaching others a range of different skills with his business Freedom Outdoors Ltd.

Brooklyn Hyundai’s team will be putting their nerves to the test in the name of 'Stand Up To Cancer.

'Stand Up To Cancer' is a special charity for the team at Brooklyn and they want to try and raise as much money as possible to help fund life-saving research.

Please sponsor our team by donating to:
See just some of the challenges below: 
Parahawking - You may have heard of paragliding but this is a bit different. It involves paragliding while a bird of prey flies along side you. In this instance, Tiger’s very own Falcon will be flying alongside one brave passanger! Christian from the Brooklyn Hyundai service team will be going high in the sky, flying tandem with a paragliding expert while Safire (Tiger’s Falcon) will take to the sky with them and even feeding from their hand. See the reveal video below:

Abseiling - With a professionally trained abseiler, a Brooklyn Hyundai team member will abseil down a cliff face. Will the team member over come their fears and make it to the bottom? Find out later this year...

Horse race - It's man and beast vs machine in a race across the South Downs! The Hyundai team will have to navigate their way to the finish in a Hyundai SUV meanwhile, Tiger and an expert race to beat them on horse back! Sounds simple but things may not be as straightforward as the team expect...
More challenges to be added later in the year...



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